Our brands

We take pride in finding those special and rare finds.

A well curated selection with a perfect mix of beauty, function and wow factor.

We love what we do and we want to help you fall in love with us.

Valerie_objects - Belgian based brand - Antwerp - Muller Van Severen - Destroyers/builders -  Rocking chair - Hanging lamp N°2 Brass


Swedish brand that breathes class and refinement.

Beautiful craftmanship and perfect finishes with each piece of furniture they deliver.

Home of the wonderful Bond shelving system and the Bollo chair... .

Right: Bollo chair

Norr 11- Danish brand - scandinavian - NY11 Dining chair


German based, no nonsense design company who works with some wonderful Belgian designers like Marina Bautier and Sylvain Willenz.

German gründlichkeit with some minimalistic influences.

Beautiful and well made furniture.

Right: Add Stool - Profile Table

Prostoria - Croatia - custom made furniture - Rhomb Table - Rhomd Chair

New Works

Our second Danish brand with a bit more of an industrial touch to it.

Exceptional eye to detail with touches of steel and marble.

Eyecatching as always , stunning for all days.

Affordable and beautiful.

Right: Covent sofa

Ghesq - Handmade in Antwerp - tableware and accessories


Aaaaah The Dutch: no nonsense, straightforward, with a gentle nod to the past. 

A company with a rich history in design and a well adapted vision for the future.

Beautiful cabinets and custom made wall storage to fit your every need.

Home of the iconic A'dammer cabinet.

Right: A'dammer vertical cabinet

Bruder & Co - Belgian fabric and rug company - Makulu rug

Santa & Cole

Spanish brand, based in Barcelona.

Wonderful lighting and some furniture.

Where design an craftmanship meet to form the perfect lamp.

Instant coziness in every home.

Right: Cestita Table lamp

Custom Work - upholstery - curtains - fabrics - carpentry


Belgian based brand with it's roots in Antwerp.

Beautiful, sleek designs by the likes of Muller Van Severen and Destroyers/builders,....

One of our favorites.

Left: Rocking chair - Hanging lamp N°2 Brass

Fogia - Swedish brand - Bond shelving system - Bollo chair

Norr 11

Our favorite Danish brand. 

Minimalistic design combined with years of experience in craftsmanship and woodworking. 

That wonderful scandinavian touch for you interior?

You can't go wrong with Norr11.

Left: NY11 Dining chair

Stattmann - German - Marina Bautier - Sylvain Willenz - Add stool - Profile table


Based in Croatia, they bring years and years of experience to thet table.

Beautiful furniture in all styles imaginable.

They are also not afraid of some custom made furniture.

So please tell us your idea, maybe prostoria can provide.

Left: Rhomb Table - Rhomb Chair

New Works - Danish brand - Covent sofa

Ghesq by 11

Handmade in Antwerp, do I need to say more?

Beautiful and unique tableware and accessories made literally buy Koen's hands. 

We helped him with designing the collection, but all credit goes to him.

Want your custom one of a kind plates, mugs or vases?

Tell us about it and we will make sure Koen will create them.

Pastoe - Dutch - A'dammer vertical cabinet

Bruder & Co

Belgian fabric and rug company.

Tailored to your wishes with the best fabrics and quality controlled techniques.

Beautiful in it's simplicity and fitted to your needs and desires.

Left: Makulu rug

Santa & Cole - Spanish brand - Barcelona - lighting - Cestita Table lamp

Custom Work

Sometimes we can't find what we want. 

But we still want it!

We have combined all sorts of professionals with their own expertise to create your dreams.

Upholstery, curtains and fabrics, carpentry ,... you name it, we'll do it!